Gabb Wristbands, Covers and Screen Protectors

What did life even look like before your Gabb? Rarely has a product revolutionized and simplified our lives the way the smartwatch has. Whether you use your Gabb to keep track of your appointments, change the music or reply to a text without having to take your phone out of your pocket, monitor your workout progress or simply just use it to tell time - it has become an extension of your daily life. And with such an important extension, you want to make sure to keep your Gabb personalized, safe and fresh! This is the place to be if you’re looking for accessories for Gabb - no matter what model. In our wide selection we offer everything from sporty and versatile Gabb silicone and nylon watch bands, to more classic and professional leather wristbands and stainless steel. You can also find covers, bumpers and cases for the Gabb, whether it be silicone, hard plastic or metal. And since we want your Gabb to be as unique as you are, you can find all of our products in a wide variety of colours and designs - even electroplated for a luxurious look or shockproof for more durable usage.
Gabb Watch 3 Watch Screen Protector scratch-resistant Flexible Hydrogel Film

Gabb Watch 3 Watch Screen Protector scratch-resistant Flexible Hydrogel Film


Watch bands, straps and wristbands for Gabb

Not only do you look at your Gabb smartwatch all day, others do as well - because it’s not just a piece of technology like your TV or your refrigerator: it’s an accessory. Therefore, you should be able to customize and personalize your Gabb the same way you do with the clothes you wear. Everyone is different when it comes to wardrobes, and we therefore have something that fits everyone when it comes to Gabb watch bands and straps as well. Our wide selection offers everything from classic Gabb leather wrist straps to modern textile Gabb straps. We also have a colourful selection of classy and timeless metal Gabb replacement straps as well as more lowkey and minimalist nylon Gabb watch straps. Maybe you’re trying to impress your coworkers with a luxurious stainless steel Gabb watchband, or maybe you wanna make sure that your smartwatch stays comfortably and securely on your wrist while you’re out for a run with a durable silicone Gabb strap - maybe you’re looking for both! Either way, we’ve got you covered.

Frames & Cases for Gabb

Does your Gabb need a new look, or do you just want some extra protection? Maybe both? After all, you do keep the Gabb on your wrist all day so why not make sure it’s as unique as you are, and that it’s safe from the elements and scratches. If you’re a wildlife enthusiast, or just someone who likes a long walk in nature, you might need a durable and tough Gabb metal or silicone case/frame to protect your smartwatch from rain, moisture and bumps. If you’re an urban professional or just someone who navigates the city everyday, you might want a stylish yet shockproof Gabb case that makes a statement - or matches your outfit. Here you’ll find everything you need to keep your Gabb personalized and safe. In our selection we offer Gabb covers, cases, frames and bumpers in silicone, hard plastic and stainless steel. You can find the cases in a multitude of different colours and designs - everything from decadent Champagne coloured rhinestone bumpers to minimalist anti-aging silicone cases, we’ll find something to fit you just right.

Screen protectors, Chargers and Gabb accessories.

The greatest thing about the smartwatch is how accessible it is: always on your wrist ready to be used. But with that accessibility comes exposure: exposure to the elements like rain and snow, and also scratches. If there’s anything we hate, it’s scratched and smudged screens - and we know you do as well. Here you can check out our wide selection of Gabb screen protectors. Whether you want your Gabb protected by tempered glass or plastic film, we’ve got something to keep your Gabb looking as fresh and new as the day you bought it. We also have a wide selection of Gabb chargers and cables. So you can always ensure your smartwatch is fully charged for all your daily activities. Simply put: when it comes to Gabb accessories, we’ve got everything you’re looking for.